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KB Fire: Kettlebell Training for Firefighters (DVD)

KB Fire: Kettlebell Training for Firefighters - KB Fire is a versatile, comprehensive kettlebell training program for firefighters that understands the diverse nature of the job. Taking a hydrant, pulling an attack line, laddering the structure, cutting a hole on a pitched roof 20-30 feet high with a screaming powered tool or axe, with fire below you and victims that need to be saved can be challenging. Prepare yourself and your department with true survival strength with KB Fire! (117 minutes)

KB Fire: Kettlebell Training for Firefighters

  • Kettlebell Introduction - Benefits of kettlebell rraining, areas of fitness KB rraining can improve, starting Size of KB (for men).
  • Introduction to Five Basic Moves - Deadlift, swing, clean, press and front squat.
  • Truck Work - Moving equipment, farmers walk (variations), walking with equipment, carrying variations, compartments, and tarp toss drill.
  • Ladder Work - Carrying technique and tips, lifting and racking ladders, raising and pulling ladders, grip tips and drills, shoulder building exercises.
  • Hose Work - Advancing hose (crawl, crouch, stand), feeding hose (around the corner), nozzle work (various drills), shouldering hose (various drills).
  • And Much, Much More!!!

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