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Kettlebell Workout

From Russia with Tough Love (DVD)

From Russia with Tough Love! - Pavel's kettlebell workout for a femme fatale! For the woman who wants it all: look way younger than your age have a lean, graceful, athletic-looking body feel amazing, feel vigorous, feel beautiful have more energy and more strength to get more done in your day!
(1 hour 12 minutes)

From Russia with Tough Love

  • The Snatch - to eliminate cellulite, firm your butt, and give you the cardio-workout of a lifetime!
  • The Swing - to fry your fat and slenderize hips 'n thighs!
  • The Power Breathing Crunch - to shrink your waist!
  • The Deck Squat - for strength and super-flexiblity!
  • An incredible exercise to tone your arms and shoulders!
  • The Clean-and-Press - for a magnificent upper body!
  • The Overhead Squat - for explosive leg strength!
  • The queen of situps - for a flat, flat stomach!
  • Combination exercises that pack an unbelievable muscular and cardio workout into zero time!

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